Doobie & Sven

Doobie is the Finger Lake’s most famous miniature donkey who lives at Swedish Hill Winery, with Sven, our miniature Horse. When you stop in to our tasting room, be sure to take a stroll out back to visit them, they loves visitors!

winery-pet-donkeyFacts about Doobie:

-He’s 35 to 40 years old! We celebrate his birthday each August at our annual Jack Ass Days!
-His favorite thing to do is visiting with new friends who greet him daily!
-He despises the rain and snow and rarely steps out of his barn at the sight of any precipitation.


Doobie Inspires Winemaking

Doobie has been an inspiration to the winemaking at Swedish Hill with his sweet and spunky personality! Jack Ass Red, Jack Ass White and Doobie Blues have become some of Swedish Hill’s most demanded wines that you’re sure to fall in love with, just like Doobie himself! As he’s aged his taste for wine, along with his sense of humor, has become drier which inspired Smart Ass Red!




Sven’s Story

Sven is a cross between a miniature horse and a pony.  He was born in 2016, and came to Swedish hill when he was a year old.  His owners could no longer keep him and were looking for a good home.  They knew Doobie and thought that Sven would make a good friend for Doobie!  Sven was named after the reindeer in the Disney movie Frozen, but it is very fitting (and ironic) that he would be adopted by us at Swedish Hill.  Sven is a common Swedish name, and we have 3 “Svenska” wines that we have produced for 30+ years, and they even have a horse on the label.  Sven is curious and mischievous, but he loves to make new friends, humans and animal alike!  While he is generally friendly and gentle, as with any animals, please use caution when you interact with him.  If he smells food on your hands or thinks you may have a treat, he may nip your fingers if you put them near his mouth.  And please do not feed Sven or Doobie!

Hi, Im Doobie!