• Dry Rosé Four Pack Cans

    Dry Rosé Four Pack Cans

    * DRY * A crisp Dry Rosé with a slight spritz. Serve well chilled for maximum refreshment!

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  • 2017 Blue Waters Dry Rosé

    2017 Blue Waters Dry Rosé

    * DRY * This is crisp and fruity, showcasing aromas of cranberries and citrus with a delightful, refreshing finish when served chilled.  An ideal summer wine that packs well in picnics or pairs deliciously with Asian cuisine! BUY TWO BOTTLES FOR $20. MUST HAVE TWO BOTTLES IN YOUR SHOPPING CART TO RECEIVE THE DISCOUNT. MAY MIX AND MATCH WITH 2013 BLUE WATERS PINOT NOIR.

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  • Svenska Blush

    Svenska Blush

    * SWEET * This light and fruity wine is a more refreshing alternative to White Zinfandel. A great picnic and party wine (HOT TUB WINE!), it also goes well with ham.

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  • Svenska Blush 1.5L

    Svenska Blush 1.5L

    * SWEET * Our version of a semi-sweet White Zinfandel but with more flavor and fruitiness.

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  • Spumante Blush

    Spumante Blush

    * SWEET * Sweeter and fruitier than most sparkling wines with fresh grape and rose blossom aromas.

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