Tri-Winery 12 Month Wine Club - Dry Wines

Tri-Winery 12 Month Wine Club – Dry Wines

This is a 12 month combination wine club of our three wineries, Swedish Hill, Goose Watch and Penguin Bay! We’ve pre-selected a list of wines that include a mix of dry red and white wines that will be sent two at a time every other month, the wines you will receive are as follows:


Shipment 1: Swedish Hill Dry Riesling and Swedish Hill Viking Red

Shipment 2: Goose Watch Pinot Grigio and Goose Watch Lemberger

Shipment 3: Penguin Bay Gewürztraminer and Penguin Bay Cabernet Franc

Shipment 4: Swedish Hill Blue Waters Chardonnay and Swedish Hill Marechal Foch

Shipment 5: Goose Watch Riesling Gewürztraminer and Goose Watch Cabernet Franc Rose

Shipment 6: Penguin Bay Dry Riesling and Penguin Bay Maroon Four


Wine Club shipments will be sent out in the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November.

A Wine Club Certificate will be sent to the recipient of the gift, or you may have it mailed or emailed (must call 1-888-549-9463 or email if you would like it to be emailed) to you so that you can present it personally.




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