12 Month Wine Club - Sweet Wines

12 Month Wine Club – Sweet Wines

Make a lasting impression. Delight your friends and family with a gift of Swedish Hill wine; A terrific gift idea for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any occasion.

Choose our 12 month sweet wine club and the following wines will be shipped:

Shipment 1: Sangria Smash, Jack Ass White and Doobie Blues

Shipment 2: Jack Ass Red, Just Peachy and Svenska Red

Shipment 3: Glögg, Svenska White and Radical Raspberry

Shipment 4: Spumante Blush, Doobie’s Dark and Svenska Blush

Receive 3 bottles of wine every 3 months, 4 times a year!

A Wine Club Certificate will be sent to the recipient of the gift, or you may have it mailed or emailed (must call 1-888-549-9463 or email info@swedishhill.com if you would like it to be emailed) to you so that you can present it personally.