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NEW! 2014 Blue Waters Dry Rosé

Awarded “Best of Class” & a gold medal at the 2015 Los Angeles International Wine Competition

Within the past few years the Finger Lakes region has received a lot of excitement over the Dry Rosé wines that are being produced in the region, and for good reason! Some of the grapes typically used to produce a Dry Rosé, such as Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir or Lemberger, fair well with our cold climates. And while many West coasters argue that the East coast cannot produce a quality dry red (we can by the way), the Dry Rosé wines allow us to showcase the flavors of these premium grapes in a different way.  Again, same grapes, just a different technique!

Dry red wines get their deep colors from the winemakers allowing the grapes to sit in their skins after they have been picked for around 10 days.  With a rosé, the skin contact is limited so that the juice takes some but not all of the color from the deep purple grapes. What happens from there is all in the winemaker’s hands when crafting their winery’s own Dry Rosé.  The possibilities are endless as the winemaker’s can choose from a variety of grapes, blends, residual sugar levels and so on.  Another feature that makes Finger Lakes Dry Rosé wines so exciting!

So what makes our Blue Waters Dry Rosé different? Ours is a blend of Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and just a touch of Riesling to add some fruit character to it! With a residual sugar at 0.6% it is true to its nature as a dry wine that can be served chilled and accompany a variety of dishes as these wines are characterized as very food-friendly! One dish that our Dry Rosé pairs perfectly with is a cooked ham, so be sure to get a bottle or two to impress your family with at Easter dinner!

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Blending the 2015 Blue Waters Dry Rosé

Last week our owner, Dave Peterson (left), and winemakers, Derek (front right) and Zach (back right), tasted five different blends for our 2015 Blue Waters Dry Rosé.  These are blind blend trials where the concoction is not revealed until after they are agreed on the perfect blend for the new vintage.

So which blend won? It looks like our 2015 Blue Waters Dry Rosé will be a blend of mostly Cabernet Franc with a touch of Chambourcin, Pinot Grigio and even Cayuga White! This new vintage will be bottled in mid-March and on the shelves by summer!

For more information about Finger Lakes Dry Rosé wines, visit DiscoverDryRose.com

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