2015 Harvest Update

Harvest Happenings

Diamond-into-pressRight on time, our 2015 harvest season kicked off on Wednesday, September 9th with pressing Diamond grapes for a majority of the first week.  Towards the end of the week our crew hand picked and pressed 5 tons of Pinot Noir grapes. This week we’re on to Cayuga White along with some of the sweeter varieties, Niagara and Golden Muscat!

So far the results are coming in favorably for the 2015 vintage.  With the weather being ideal at just the right time for ripening, we’re seeing excellent flavors developing across all varieties.
Zach-Raking-Pinot-NoirIntroducing our NEW second winemaker!
What better way to induct the newest member of our cellar team than with the bustle of harvest! Zach Pegram, seen right raking Pinot Noirs into the press, recently joined us as our second winemaker.  Zach has a Masters in Professional Studies in winemaking from Cornell University along with winemaking experience from Oregon and the Finger Lakes.  He has been working side-by-side with winemaker Derek Wilber in preparation for the incoming 2015 vintage.  It will surely be exciting to have another set of eyes and taste buds on the crafting of our wines, and we’re extremely happy to have him on board!
Experience Harvest!
Harvest is the best time of the year to take one of our complimentary winery tours! While we cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to see our press deck in action, it is likely that you’ll witness some behind-the-scenes action during your already very informative tour through the end of October.  Click here for FAQ’s about our tours including tour times.
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