• Svenska Blush

    Svenska Blush

    This light and fruity wine is a more refreshing alternative to White Zinfandel. A great picnic and party wine (HOT TUB WINE!), it also goes well with ham.

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  • Svenska Blush 1.5L

    Svenska Blush 1.5L

    Our version of a semi-sweet White Zinfandel but with more flavor and fruitiness.

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  • Classic Catawba 1.5L

    Classic Catawba 1.5L

    With aromas and flavors of ripe strawberries and grapes, you'll especially enjoy this sweet crisp wine well chilled or over ice! ON SALE NOW! 25% OFF 3 OR MORE BOTTLES. MAY MIX & MATCH WITH 2013 RIESLING HUMPHREY'S VINEYARD, 2014 DRY RIESLING, 2014 RIESLING AND SPUMANTE BLUSH. MUST HAVE 3 BOTTLES IN SHOPPING CART FOR DISCOUNT TO BE APPLIED.

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  • 2015 Blue Waters Dry Rosé

    2015 Blue Waters Dry Rosé

    Our first Dry Rosé! This new release is crisp and fruity, showcasing aromas of cranberries and citrus with a delightful, refreshing finish when served chilled. An ideal summer wine that packs well in picnics or pairs deliciously with Asian cuisine!

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